As The Witch in Hänsel and Gretel

"Grunewald was a witch to cherish. Stuffed into her no-nonsense sleeveless sweater and sensible gray wool skirt, she was every child's vision of an adult run amok, unpredictable and very dangerous. She didn't tipple the cooking sherry, but there was letal danger in her eye as she ground her hips and her threats to the children sank into a growling, gasping rasp.

-Chicago Sun-Times

"The Witch (Eugenie Grunewald), swathed in extra flesh padding around the face, torso and legs, looked like a vicious housekeeper, the Harpy who guards the goodies. She cooked like a demented Julia Child in her all-steel kitchen, slinging ingredients into her KitchenAid nixer and then force-feeding the trussed Hänsel with funnel and tube. No broomstick needed. Ms. Grunewald was simply astonishing, proof that witches come in all forms."
- The Wall Street Journal

"Eugenie Grunewald gives a cackling psychotic portrayal of the witch in the Lyric Opera portrayal of "Hänsel and Gretel"

- Chicago Tribune

"Later on, things take a turn for the funny-macabre. The witch's lair is a stainless-steel abbatoir-cum-kitchen piled with fancy desserts that wind up smeared over the singers and slopped about the stage"
- Chicago Tribune