As the Mother in Maria Golovin
"An impeccable cast....the only one to really master her text from beginning to end was the impressive American mezzo Eugenie Grunewald, whose rich timbre and strength of conviction were a marvel in the character of the Mother."
-Richard Martet - OPÉRA  MAGAZINE
mother"Eugenie Grunewald (as the Mother) stands out as the most astonishing singer from the cast, not only because of her impeccable diction in English that makes each word she sings absolutely crystal clear..........But, above all the (commanding) inwardness and intensity with which the singer invests her interpretation does full justice to the character's psychological depth."
- Michel Parouty, Les Echos, May 18, 2006


"The jealous guardian Mother sung by the magnificent Mezzo Soprano Eugenie Grunewald personified the last line 'Come - you're free now'........."

- Patrick De Maria, La Marseillaise, May 14, 2006


" Eugenie Grunewald brought out in the Mother the depth and grandeur of the character. This Mezzo Soprano possesses so much in terms of voice and soul."


- Ed Mee Santy, France Bleu Provence, May 19,2006

"A beautiful performance from Eugenie Grunewald......."

- Jean-Luc Macia, La Croix, May 16, 2006

"Eugénie Grünewald made a fearsome mother, her pungent mezzo biting into the text with animal relish."

- Opera News

"Dontao is blind: he and Maria fall in love, and he is tormented by fits of jealousy, but marital and filial obligations ultimately take precedence, with the formidable presence of Donato's mother as a strong counterweight.  Eugenie Grunewald's Mother caught the despair beneath the authoritative front.............."

Joel Kasow October issue of OPERA (Great Britian)